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My Shepherding Strengths Profile

My Top Two Strengths:

1. Ability to preach and inspire response/ teach and apply principles to life. These combined qualities have been the hallmark of my ministry history. God has blessed me by His kind grace with the gifting, background and drive to be the most effective Biblical thinker and preacher I can possibly be. The life-change that people have experienced under my preaching ministry in every context in which I have ever served has affirmed this. When I open the Bible, most often verse by verse, people see the meaning of the text, sense the impact of it on their lives, and seek new directions based on that impact.

2. Ability to Influence Leaders.  Leadership is more a function of qualities than abilities. I believe that the three qualities of a good leader are credibility, conviction and confidence. If you possess growing dimensions of these three things, people will want to follow you. Wherever I have worked, in secular or sacred settings, I have emerged as having had an influence in each organization, as God has in His grace grown these three qualities in my life. My commitment is to deepen these qualities of leadership and accentuate them with the acquired skills of organizing, teambuilding and strategy.

Some Further “Signature Strengths” Acquired From My Background/Experiences:

A. A sense of calling. I received not only an original calling in college but an even deeper “re-calling” to ministry several years ago, the latter of which both my wife and I  treasure as one of the true God-Encounters of our life together. This sense of calling empowers my devotion to what I do and my determination to endure the inevitable suffering that spiritual leadership involves. I know why I am here, and what I am to do.

B. A sense of my gifting. After long experience and seeing God use me in many different lives and settings, I know what He has gifted me to do well. I am a Biblical communicator both on the platform and in writing, and an influencer of people both in leadership and discipleship. A communicator and an influencer. I seek to stay in those areas of gifting as much as I can and leverage the contrasting gifting of others for the sake of shared ministry together.

C. A learned dependence on God. Through difficult experience, I have learned what the ministry looks like when I pursue it in my own strength and what it can become when I pursue it in God’s strength. I have learned to prefer the latter. Prayer-dependent preaching, relationships, and decision making now more typify my leadership.

D. A commitment to Biblical primacy.  I was mentored in a Biblically-directed pastoral ministry, and I have never been more committed to being Biblical in my practices of ministry. Pragmatism alone is not my guide. If it’s Biblical I’m in, no matter what the cost. If it’s questionable I’m out, no matter what others say I may be missing. Clarity offers power.

E. Broad experience with people and perspectives. For His own reasons, God has chosen to give me a large amount of leadership and life experience in the marketplace in addition to my work in the ministry. This allows me to carry a certain knowledge of people and their perspectives into my pastoral work that allows me to get “next to people”  in a way I couldn’t have done before. I can literally say “Look, I’ve been there” more often to more people and mean every word of it.

F. Communication skills. I score this trait in a different manner than I do preaching and teaching. I would describe this as the ability to explain issues, discern people’s positions, and persuade people to gain understanding and take action. It is a skill that is used not on the platform but in a boardroom, across a kitchen table, or in a counseling session.  My experience in business, broadcasting and secular leadership settings has taught me that this skill of both discerning and persuading key people is a high-value leadership trait. I seek a growing ability to practice this in my leadership conversations.

For the record, my top three spiritual gifts would be Teaching, Exhortation, and Leadership.

My DISC score would read me as a High “ I ”

My Myers Briggs would read me as an INFJ

My “Leading From Your Strengths” Assessment rates me as  follows:

Aggressive in Problem Solving

Optimistic in Situational Analysis

Dynamic in Managing Change

Pioneering in Facing Risk.

My Ministry Identity

When it comes to asking a pastor about his gifting, there are two dimensions to the question: who he is and what he is specifically good at. The Scripture indicates that in addition to having spiritual gifts, pastors are gifts themselves, according to Ephesians 4:11ff. More specifically, pastors are individuals who are given a special gifting that defines their identity and determines their vocation. They are Pastor-Teachers. They don’t just have the gift of pastor – teacher; they are pastors and teachers. This determines their design as people in the Body. It powers the presence they are designed to bring. Churches that have successful relationships with Pastors tend to recognize this uniqueness in pastors, and recognize that pastors listen, respond, lead and speak in different ways than other leaders, even fellow elders, do.  This does not mean that the pastor is to be regarded or obeyed as superior. It means that he has a special way of seeing and speaking to things in the realm of church leadership, and the health of the church is helped when this special perspective is recognized.

So…I am a Pastor-Teacher.

In terms of what I am gifted to be particularly good at, I would say I possess the gifts of Teaching, Exhortation and Leadership.

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